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Jere Folgert


Global Positions, LLC

Jere P.Folgert


Principal, Senior GIS Specialist




Mr. Folgert has over twenty-nine (29) years of experience in geographic information systems (GIS), computer programming, and spatial analysis.  He has served as project manager and GIS analyst on a wide variety of projects, ranging from numerical modeling, pollution simulators, environmental mapping and complete GIS implementation.  His expertise is in developing GIS data, and integrating geospatial data for the purpose of spatial analysis, statistics, and display.  



M.S., Geographic Information Systems (GIS) University of Edinburgh, U.K. December 1997 

B.S., Cartography/Geo., Computer Science, University of Wisconsin - Madison, WI.  June 1991 

MOS, (Military Occupational Specialty), Electronics, United States Army, GA.  July 1984 

KINDERGARTEN,  Green Bay  Wisconsin.  (Recess, ABC's, Spelling and Playing with other Kids)




Wilderness, Wild Places, Nature, Filming Wildlife, Wilderness Exploration, Snorkeling and Watching Trout,  Art by Mimi Matsuda, Gardening,  Spending time with our Identical Twin Boys, Rowan and Seneca, Plasma Cutting, Welding, and Growing the BEST garlic in the world.





Awarded the National Science Foundation (NSF), Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Grant, relating to an innovative and interactive internet-based Geographical Pollution Prediction Simulator, involving Geographic Information Systems, air dispersion modeling.


Multiple awards for the wildlife film "Adventures of the American Pika".   This film takes us on a journey that explores the lives and adventures of two pikas who live in the Rocky Mountains.


Multiple awards for cartographic excellence recognized by peer-reviewed committees. Top tier, and first place award for TerraTopo Map. 

United States Army Commendation Medal (ARCOM) , granted for consistent acts of heroism and meritorious service.

United States Army Achievement Medal (AAM) , granted for outstanding achievement and meritorious service.





1997 – Now    Owner, Principal  Global Positions, LLC and  Folgert Studio.  Bozeman, MT
Founder of a GIS consulting firm that specializes in providing GIS solutions to spatially-related problems and opportunities.  Oversees GIS consulting projects relating to data acquisition, data synthesis, data analysis and modeling.  Provides GIS training across the United States. 


Folgert Studio is involved in Wildlife Filming, art and film.


1996 – 1997    Student GIS programmer and Analyst, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK.
Student Internship while attending the University of Edinburgh, UK.  Provided AML programming and customized symbol-set creation for a web-based map server.  U.K. Ordnance Survey data were dissemination through a university-based server, using customized internet/GIS solutions.
1991 – 1996     Senior GIS Specialist, GeoResearch, Inc., Billings MT.
Senior GIS specialist responsible for project management, technical reports, and GIS services.  Providing contract services to clients around the country including the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), The Army Corps of Engineers, and government agencies.  Developed customized applications to facilitate GIS data processing, analysis, and cartographic output.


1988 – 1991    Programmer and GIS Specialist, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
Computer programmer on a variety of land ownership projects relating to public land survey system data.  Applications were developed to process well data and PLSS centroid information, allowing the conversion of non-spatial data into a GIS platform.  Installed computer hardware and provided archives using UNIX.    


1983 – 1988:    United States Army.  Automatic Test Equipment Repair - Electronics. 
Received the Army Commendation Medal and Army Achievement Medal for exceptional service and dedication to electronic repair and analysis.  



•    GIS Development for Grape and Cherry Operation (Tulare and Kern County, CA)  
Developed a GIS database representing the commodities, blocks, sub-blocks, and facilities for a large family-owned operation. ArcGIS Geodatabase was designed to store the plantings, grafting, vines, and other vineyard-related items. Generated professional atlas map pages.  Provided support and training of the Geographical Information System-based approach to mapping land for vineyard properties.  The primary focus of this project was to develop a spatial data reservoir from which owners and managers can use to make informed decisions in a timely and efficient manner. Using a GIS as the information hub grape/cherry operation ensures that everyone within the company is looking at the same data and the entire operation is aware of what is going on in the fields.


•    Enhanced 9-1-1 (E911) for Madison County, MT
This four-year project involved the development of numerous database and mapping components. Initially, structures within the county were mapped with precision GPS.   Using GIS and GPS technologies, Global Positions, LLC successfully completed the entire E-911 for Madison County Montana. Roads were analyzed and named, and the origin of each road was established. Using Dynamic Segmentation within ARC/INFO, routes were created and calibrated for all roads in the County using a 1/100th of a mile frontage interval. New addresses have been created and the Master Street Address Guide (MSAG) has been completed. Phone numbers from Qwest and 3 Rivers Telephone were systematically matched to newly created addresses. County Residents were notified of their new address. MSAG, ESN, and ESZ were developed.


•    Growth Policy Plans (Pondera, Big Horn Counties, MT and Campbell County, WY)
Provided GIS support, mapping, and GIS analysis as part of a growth policy project for the planning jurisdiction of Pondera County, MT and Campbell County, WY. The GIS component of this growth policy project involved the creation of cartographic products and inventory and integration of spatial data into an ArcGIS Geodatabase. Maps were generated based on spatial analysis and project needs. Spatial inventories, map compilation, and documents were generated in cooperation with County staff and project participants to support the comprehensive master plan. 


•    Wildfire Mitigation Plan - Glacier National Park and Montana Indian Reservations
A Wildland Fire Hazard Assessment was conducted on 2,092 structures and used to develop a separate Wildland Fire Hazard Mitigation Plan for Glacier National Park, the Blackfeet, Rocky Boy, Crow and Fort Peck. The purpose of the project was to increase awareness of wildland fire risk and aid land management planning for reducing the potential for wildland-fire damage or destruction of homes and buildings. This process included inventorying and mapping structure location and community infrastructure, identification of alternative wildland firefighting water sources such as drafting sites and helicopter dipping locations, mapping wildland fuel (veg.), modeling potential surface and crown fire behavior to help identify areas of high risk to wildland fire.


•    KnowGIS Training Series for ArcGIS Desktop.
Developed expert video-based training series which provides innovative and interesting training material for learning

ArcGIS Desktop.  The training series has been used in over 45 countries around the world.  ArcGIS Desktop is software

that allows you to discover patterns, relationships, and trends in your data that are not readily apparent in databases,

spreadsheets, or statistical packages.  


•    Ranch Planning and GIS Development
Ranch Planning, GIS Analysis, and GIS Modelling: An extensive GIS Geodatabase was created for a large ranch near Buffalo Wyoming. An extensive Geodatabase was developed using ArcGIS Desktop® to store all spatial data including NRCS Soils, Slope, Aspect, Irrigation, Canals, Wildlife data, electric Utilities and topography. Modeling efforts were employed to determine line-of sight calculations and preferred sitting of additional features, using slope, soils, irrigation footprints and potential erosion. The project was performed with the Foley Group, LLC (Billings, MT).


•    Forest Mapping, Blackfeet Reservation. Montana
GIS Specialist, utilizing Mono-Digitizing, Stereo-Digitizing (MDSD) system to photogrammetrically compile typing and road features off of 1:15,840 color aerial photography.  Semi-automated routines used to establish control points using ArcView GIS.  Conversion of digital elevation models (DEMS) into composite grids, and integrated with the MDSD software.  

•    GIS Development, Chippewa Cree Tribe of the Rocky Boys Reservation.  
Developed a complete GIS for the Water Resource Division of the Chippewa Cree Tribe of Rocky Boys Reservation near Havre, MT.  Provided GPS data collection.  Assisted with data conversion, manipulation, and data organization, and developed procedures and protocols for the Tribe.  Provided programming, application development and certified ArcView™ GIS training to the Water Resource staff.

•    Site Analysis for State Permits, Cattle Development Company, Custer, MT
Mapped vegetative species and hydrologic features, and surrounding infrastructure, for the Cattle Development Company, LLC near Custer, MT.  Data were collected for the purpose of spatial analysis and viewshed analysis for a potential cattle feeding operation.  Mapped features on-site using real-time differential GPS.  Created 3-D models of proposed buildings sites.  Performed spatial analysis and mapping of surrounding features.

•    Land Parcels Mapping and GIS Development, City of Hardin, MT
Developed a comprehensive GIS for the City of Hardin, Montana.  Land parcels and city infrastructure were mapped and integrated in GIS.  Performed a complete city-wide GPS/GIS survey of infrastructure to include hydrants, water lines, sanitary sewer, ownership, roads and many other themes.  AS4000 files representing city data were integrated into ARC/INFO and ArcView GIS.  

•    Water and Sewer, City of Hardin, MT
City of Hardin Water Resource and Public Utility Department, Hardin Montana.  Responsible for creating GIS base maps reflecting land ownership, parcels and city infrastructure.  Remotely sensed data were used for feature extraction.  Waterlines, sewer lines, hydrants and city infrastructure were mapped using combined methods of GPS data collection, digitizing, feature extraction and modeling.  Feature attributes were linked to spatial attributes using relational database technology.  

•    ESRI Certified Training -  ArcView GIS Training
Provided certified training and customized GIS training to the National Weather Service, United Parcel Service, Prentice Hall Publishing Company, Malmstrom Air Force Base, Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), University Professors, Indian Reservations and many other private and governmental agencies.  Adjunct Professor, Rocky Mountain College.  Provided academic and field-based instruction in GIS and GPS. Authorized/Certified ESRI ArcView® Instructor.

•    National Science Foundation SBIR.  Pollution Dispersion Model Integration.
Awarded the National Science Foundation (NSF), Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Grant, relating to

an innovative and interactive internet-based Geographical Pollution Prediction Simulator, involving Geographic

Information Systems, air dispersion modeling.

•    Database Conversion and GIS Integration.  Billings, MT
Provided GIS support to the City of Billings Public Utility Department (PUD).  Developed and extracted critical information from the City’s LX-database, and linked the data to ARC/INFO and ArcView GIS spatial themes.  Developed procedures for spatial analysis and mapping.  Developed the City of Billings MET Transit’s web site, with interactive GIS-based maps and schedules.  

•    Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), Jerritt Canyon - Elko, NV
GIS specialist and GIS Analyst for Environmental Impact Analysis for the Jerritt Canyon-Independence Gold Mining Company, Elko Nevada. Provided GIS services and GPS data collection for sensitive vegetation species and other natural feature within the study area. Provided Forest mapping and mapping of threatened and endangered species using satellite and GPS technologies.  Performed GIS implementation with ARC/INFO GIS and pc-ARC/INFO GIS. Performed MOSS/ARCdata conversion, GPS/GIS data integration, spatial analysis, and 3-D view-shed analysis. Administered GIS training for mine staff and the Humboldt National Forest Service staff. Performed cumulative effect analysis using sophisticated, customized AML to determine if there would be reduction in critical wildlife habitat. Created camera-ready cartographic products for final EIS documents and community meetings.

•    Flood Mapping, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Washington D.C. 
GIS Specialist, assisting FEMA and United States Army Corps of Engineers. Collected spatially referenced features, attributes and digital photographs of structures damaged from river flooding. Contracted through FEMA to generate maps and individual data pages reflecting information for each damaged structure. Created a customized ARC/INFO interface for the viewing of spatial data and digital photos (pre-Arcview) which was featured on the CNN television program under New Technology.

•    Application Development for GIS Processing, Gallatin and Big Horn County, MT
Developed GIS applications to perform rural addressing within Gallatin and Big Horn County, Montana.  Worked closely with County staff to develop GIS applications to facilitate rural addressing using the frontage interval addressing system and ARC/INFO dynamic segmentation

•    City of Billings Database Conversion and GIS Integration.  Billings, MT
Provided GIS support to the City of Billings Public Utility Department (PUD).  Developed and extracted critical information from the City’s LX-database, and linked the data to ARC/INFO and ArcView GIS spatial themes.  Developed procedures for spatial analysis and mapping.  Developed the City of Billings MET Transit’s web site, with interactive GIS-based maps and schedules.  

•    Custom Map Products. 
Jere Folgert has generated maps used for “Expert Witness” groups in court hearings to include water usage discrepancies and airplane crashes.  Global Positions, Inc. has developed numerous custom map products including the award winning TerraTopo map project for the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness.  Winning First Place in Show and Creative Cartography at the 1995 Inner Mountain GIS Conference.


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