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Global Positions, LLC

Bozeman, Montana

GIS / GPS Mapping Projects

Buckle up, because we're about to warp the fabric of geography! Ever wondered how a misplaced pizza delivery ends up in a galactic wormhole (don't worry, it's a metaphor)? That's where Geographic Information Systems (GIS) come in. We're talking high-tech maps that use satellites with laser-like precision. So, ditch the crumpled paper maps and outdated atlases – with GIS, we're building enhanced 911 systems, simulating pollution movement like a superhero predicting a villain's next move, and crafting wildlife maps that would make even Charles Darwin do a happy dance. Get ready to explore a whole new dimension with GIS, GPS and Mapping.  Imagine having a crystal ball for your land, crops, or even an entire county. That's the power of GIS mapping, and Jere Folgert of Global Positions, LLC has used it to tackle a wide range of challenges. From helping a family-owned vineyard operation make informed decisions about their crops to creating a lifesaving Enhanced 911 system for a Montana county, Folgert's work demonstrates the incredible impact of GIS. He's helped communities plan for future growth, mitigate wildfire risks around Glacier National Park, and even trained people around the world to unlock the potential of this powerful technology. These projects showcase the diverse applications of GIS, transforming data into actionable insights that can improve lives, protect property, and ensure a more sustainable future.

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