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BEST ArcGIS Desktop Training on EARTH




Professional Training for Learning ArcGIS Desktop 10.x



One Time Cost.  Only one fee is charged for the lifetime of the training. 

Format: Individual / Personal 8 GB USB Drive
Duration: 12 modules (Expect to spend 2-3 days on all 12 modules)
Version: ArcGIS Version: 10.x
Authored by: Global Positions, LLC.  Complemented by ESRI **

Run Time: 16 hours of training material (flash video)

GIS Project Data:  Included

Comprehensive Exam:  Included (200+ Questions)

Custom Player:  Included

Mac Users:  Sorry, the player and videos are not compatible with Apple Macintosh.  IBM PC only.  


Single-User and Multi-User License is Available.  (Single-User is for one person; Multi-User is more than one user).


Using the KnowGIS course, participants learn how to use ArcMap, ArcCatalog, and ArcToolbox, and explore how these applications work in concert to organize, display, analyze, and present geographic information assets. This course covers GIS concepts as well as specific components and tools in the ArcView license of ArcGIS Desktop. Participants learn how to:


- Organize spatial data
- Query a GIS database
- Perform selections
- Edit and modify spatial data
- Update attribute tables
- Perform calculations using the field calculator
- Design and develop a File Geodatabase
- Register and rectify raster images
- Transform vector data 
- Project spatial data
- Create maps and charts
- Generate reports
- Explore spatial analysis



Using the KnowGIS course, participants learn how to use ArcMap, ArcCatalog, and ArcToolbox, and explore how these applications work in concert to organize, display, analyze, and present geographic information assets. This course covers GIS concepts as well as specific components and tools in the ArcView license of ArcGIS Desktop. Participants learn how to organize spatial data, query a GIS database, perform selections, edit and modify spatial data, update attribute tables, perform calculations using the field calculator, design and develop a File Geodatabase, register and rectify raster images, transform vector data, project spatial data, create maps and charts, generate reports, and explore spatial analysis.

Be Inspired...

These touching and highly motivating testimonials are proof of the significant impact the KnowGIS training has had on the lives of many people. With kindness, the following men and women have agreed to share their story with us.



"Dear Jere.  I passed the ESRI ArcGIS Desktop Certification Exam.  Thanks to you!  The KnowGIS training was really helpful and it pushed me a lot.  Best wishes."

Andrew D.  Sacramento, CA



 "Thanks Jere. Geeze Man, the KnowGIS 10 material is super duper. I had no idea. This was way more than I expected. Keep up the good work. Keep the free tutorials coming too. Are you making any advanced training - or kind of above intermediate level?"

Sarah P. Melbourne, Australia



"Hi Jere (aka my new hero, knight in shining armor), WOW! Your KnowGIS 10 training series is fantastic! I am finally understanding the foundational concepts of GIS and I am incredibly thankful for stumbling upon you on the internet. "

Amy.  Colorado - United State



 "Great Content. I'm learning a lot, fast! Thanks!"

Steve H.  Sidney Australia



" I love the way you teach this material. KnowGIS 10 is more than I expected. I've watched all 13 videos twice now. You helped me understand not only GIS concepts but ArcGIS Desktop. Please let me know if you create more videos. I want them."

Sally E.  Los Angeles, CA - United State



" KnowGIS 10 kit arrived earlier this week. (thanks for head phones too!). I finished watching first 5 lessons and wanted to thank you so much for making these vids. They are so good. I connect with your ways of teaching and presenting these materials. Much better than the boring stuff on other sites. You make this GIS materal exciting. - you are my hero !)

Kendwa W. Z.  Kenya Africa and Tanzania



"Jere! OMG. I love your new KnowGIS 10 Training. Wholey Cow. You sure put a lot of effort into this. The concepts and ideas are so awesome. I finally get it! Than you so much."

Kim T.  Boston, MA - United States. 



"I have purchased the training (KnowGIS) and it was really amazing and informative stuff. I must say that it was the most helpful training video that I've ever used. Thank you for your excellent service. I wonder if you have other more stuff, I am really curious to purchase it too. Please, if that is the case let me know". 

M Al-Yami  London / United Kingdom. 



"Mr. J Folgert.  We very much like your tutorials for ArcGIS in Stockholm!  We have used it to teach our staff at the University and it has helped very much.   "

 Lisa H - Stockholm Sweden



"Hi Jere,  Just to inform you that I have received the training. Thank you for your excellent service.  I went through a few lessons yesterday. I must say that I’m most impressed by the quality of the video production, the cool animations and the materials covered.   Good Stuff ! "

 Steven W - Malaysia



"I have used the KnowGIS Training for ArcGIS Desktop. It was taught by Jere Folgert. The videos  were entertaining as well as extremely informative. There is no comparison to learning software programs by watching these training programs and trying to figure it out on your own.  I was able to watch the videos, then use ArcCatalog and ArcMap.  I had very little initial difficulty after following along with these training sessions. Unlike attending a class, you can refer back to these disks now or a year from now, whenever the need arises. I only wish you made these training for every aspect and extension of ArcGIS!"

Assam Saha G. Bangalore - India



"We're pleased that KnowGIS  Training is making its entry into the video training market with its exceptional in-depth video training content to help customers and college students quickly get up to speed and make the best use of the ArcGIS Desktop software."
Arthur  D. - Billings, MT

"Regarding the KnowGIS Training package? In a word - Cool.   Some of our staff had attended the certified ESRI courses (which are great too!)  One advantage of the KnowGIS training series, is they can be watched when-ever.  I must say I'm  impressed with the details and discussion of not just ArcGIS but of GIS concepts as well.. While I know enough ArcMap "to be dangerous", I still learned a lot.  I'm loving it."
Dan G. - Portland, Maine - USA


"I think your training product is very good and recommend them to military and students for a few reasons... since they can't hire a teacher  indefinitely, the KnowGIS training sets are an excellent way to learn and then review (reinforce) what they know and have learned.  These training courses also get new users going on these complex ESRI  products including many government employees -  and many concepts can be watched over and over again. I make it a point to watch KnowGIS training sets after a few months of not using GIS!"
Greg  T. - Fort Gordon, GA



The KnowGIS training series provides  excellent instruction on how to grasp and use ArcGIS Desktop - by ESRI.  It is a "perfect" class for "quickly" learning ArcGIS Desktop and for sharpening existing skills and ideas.


Education is a prudent and an essential investment. Pervasive technologies such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS), demand highly trained personnel. As geographic information technology moves from innovation to maturity, our educational concerns will also increase.


Many organizations are faced with the need for renewal in an age of constant change and innovation. Learning to use a GIS effectively, users must not only know how to use the software and hardware which the system is comprised but how geographic information is going to help them solve problems in their related field.

Buy Now KnowGIS
Buy Now KnowGIS




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Please Contact us if You Have Questions.  Thank you.

Mac Users:  Our custom player is not compatible with the Macintosh.  FLASH videos can be played with an app from the App Store.  


Global Positions, LLC is a Montana-based Mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Firm.  Our KnowGIS Training Series for ArcGIS Desktop is being used in over 50 countries around the world.   We've Created Award Winning Maps and Received the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Award from National Science Foundation.   Global Positions, LLC was granted Exemption 13707 from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to Commercially Operate an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS in the USA) to Conduct Aerial Photography, Spatial Data Collection for Mapping and GIS, Academic Research, and Video Capture. 



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