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 Topographic Sample Map (Madison County Montana )

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Are you looking for a map series that you can use to plan your hike in the Tobacco Root Mountains , Madison RangeGravelly Range - or anywhere in Madison County Montana?    We can provide you a seamless map -  on CD-ROM - that depicts a digital version of the well-known and accurate USGS paper maps  (The CD-ROM contains the equivalent of 142 - 1:24,000 USGS topographic paper maps).    These maps are often used as reference maps for field or office work and define a specific piece of geography.  The map show contours, cities, vegetation, lakes, rivers, trails, roads, railroads and other spatial features. 



Tobacco Root Mountains

The Tobacco Root Mountains are located about 40 mile west of Bozeman Montana and shadow the small town of Pony Montana.  From Bozeman, head west to four corners, and continue on MT Highway 84 to Norris.  (Slip into Norris Hot Springs if you have time).  From Norris, the views of the Tobacco Roots are marvelous.  These rugged mountains offer awesome beauty, wildflowers (during the spring and summer) and some of the best hiking trails in Montana.  Take a hike to Branham Lakes, located about 8,800 feet above sea level in Tobacco Root Mountains.  

Tobacco Root Mountains sit in the center of Madison County and extend from Virginia City northward towards Whitehall.  Pony flanks the east and Silver Star is to the west.  The highest points are Granite Peak (10,590 feet),   Mount Bradley (10,482 feet) and Ward Peak (10,267 feet). This range is part of Deer Lodge National  Forest and part of Beaverhead National Forest.  Historically silver, lead and gold have (and some say still are!) mined here.   The Tobacco Roots are very accessible via mining roads from decades before making for nice alpine climbing.  Historic mining structures are visible in the South Meadow Creek region.

HOT Springs:  Two unique hot springs sit in the shadows of the Tobacco Root Mountains.  One is a privately owned namely Potosi Hot Springs and Resort which is a destination for romantic excursions.  Four cabins and an amazing hot spring pool await you.  There is an additional  primitive (public) hot spring located near the Potosi Campground about a mile down the road from Potosi Hot Springs resort.  The primitive pool referred to as " Upper Potosi " is located on National Forest land near the Potosi campground.  The hike from the campground or parking area to the hot-spring pool is about a mile. 

Keep an "eye out" for the rectangle-shaped jack-rail wood fence housing  the small  hot spring pool.  The fence was designed to keep out big, domestic cows that occasionally graze in the area surrounding the pools. We've had up to five people in the small, ear-shaped pool.  For a number of years there were two pools (an upper and a lower) but as of 2005, there is only one pool (upper).  The warm waters can become cloudy due to the fine silt on the bottom of the pool.  You'll smell like dirt when you get out!  Some prefer swimming cloths, others go nude. 

Tobacco Root Mountains reveal colorful flowers during the spring and summer


Top Mountains Peaks in the Tobacco Root Mountains

Hollowtop Mountain - 3232m 1192m
Granite - 3223m 575m
Old Baldy Mountain 3018m 560m
Granite Peak -3228m 340m
Granite -3066m 320m
Mount Bradley -3160m 230m
Middle Mountain -3156m 225m
Thompson Peak 3-166m 215m
Bradley -3120m 200m
Ward Peak -3129m 200m

Fishing and Alpine Lakes

There are many alpine lakes located in the Tobacco Root Mountains, many of which have trout. 

Curly Lake, located in the Tobacco Root Mountains is a pretty lake which is considered fishless.  Nonetheless, the alpine meadows and clear creek just south of the lake are worth the trip.

Hollow Top Lake is on the eastern flank of the Tobacco Root Mountains accesible from the Ruby Valley (Sheridan/Twin Bridges vicinity). If you are looking for solitude, this may not be the best place to go, as we've observed  few motorcycles on the trail to Hollow Top Lake (especially during the summer). 

Louise Lake, is a high-mountain lake in the Tobacco Root Mountains and is not a terrible long hike.  this beautiful lake in located in a cirque near Middle Mountain.  We've caught a few cutthroat trout  in July of 2002, and 2005.   The Forest Service has recognized this route as a National Recreation Trail.

Selected Tobacco Root Lakes

Albro Cutthroat Potosi Creek  
Beall unknown Beall Creek 8560
Bell Cutthroat S Willow 8750
Bismark Reservoir unknown S Boulder River 7560
Blossom unknown Noble Fork 9150
Lower Boulder Yellowstone Cut, Brook Dry Boulder 8580
Branham, Lower Brooktrout Ruby River 8750
Branham, Upper Brooktrout Ruby River 9510
Camp Cr. Reservoir Rainbow Madison River 6940
Cataract Brook Trout Cataract Creek 6344
Cliff Lake Rainbow N. Meadow Creek 6313
Crystal Lake Cutthroat Wisconsin Creek 8540
Curly Lake unknown Curly Creek 8600
Deep Lake Rainbow N. Willow Creek 8610
Globe Lake Brooktrout S. Boulder River 8710
Gneiss Rainbow South Fork Indian Creek 9560
Hollowtop Rainbow Madison 8540
Jackson Cutthroat Wisconsin Creek 8680
Lady of the Lakes Cutthroat N. Meadow Creek 9020
Lost Cabin Lake unknown S. Boulder 9040
Louise unknown S. Boulder 8850
Lupine Rainbow, Cuts N. Meadow 8580
Macaroni none N.F. Indian 8340
Mason (upper) Rainbow, Cuts Cataract 8700
Sailor Brooktrout S Boulder River 8840
South Meadow Lake Rainbow x Cutthroat S Meadow Creek 8656
Sureshot (lower) Cutthroat N. Meadow Creek 7180
Twin (lower) Rainbow x Cutthroat Wisconsin Creek 8100



Places to Visit in the Tobacco Root Mountain vicinity:

  • Potosi Hot Springs Resort, with Fishing, biking, horseback riding, and soaking, Montana style
    Creek side cabins, secluded at 6,200 feet on the northeastern flank of Montana's Tobacco Roots

  • 700-acre Ruby Springs Lodge

  • Pony Bar

  • South Meadow Lake



Madison Range located in south-central  Montana are about 40+ miles long and include many rugged peaks, including Sphinx Mountain at a whopping 10,876 feet  (some say it looks a little like a sphinx).  In the heart of the Madison Range this monster hunk of rock is a popular destination in the winter for ski-mountaineering weather permitting.  The Madison range is mostly protected by the Lee Metcalf Wilderness and during the summer it can be a  popular destination because of the beautiful  high-altitude, lake-filled basins. The Hilgard Basin rewards with awesome view of rugged peaks and is also popular.   During the winter, hardcore back-county skiing/boarders visit the Hilgard Basin.   The Madison Range is convenient to communities of Big Sky, Ennis, and Bozeman and offers phenomenal hiking, and holds many of the most popular and impressive climbing and mountaineering in the area.   The highest peak in the Madison Range namely Hilgard Peak tops out at 11,316 feet and  is also the highest peak in Montana outside the Beartooth-Absaroka Range.


Gravelly Range

The Gravelly Range rises east of Ruby River, near the Idaho state line and extends 40 or so miles north to Virginia City (once Montana's Capital), and is administrated by the Beaverhead National.  Highest peaks include Old Baldy (9,572 feet), Cascade Mt. (9,900 feet), and Black Butte (10,545 feet).  There is a large talc mine located in this vicinity.   It is a substantial mountain range, but is generally ignored by tourists who gravitate towards the more prominent Madison Range to the east.  There are many deer, elk, and moose, but also a high number of cattle and sheep in the Gravelly Range.

In July 2002, the Madison County Commission asked the BLM to reopen the Bachelor Gulch Road into the same area to allow for better public access. The commission said the road, closed by the BLM in 1982, was public and had been used by both miners and ranchers. That road begins from the Alder Gulch.  Driving the Johnny Gulch Road on the Gravelly Range in Montana at elevations 7000 to 8000 feet provides good access to this Range.

The Gravelly Range Grizzly Project focuses on conservation of grizzly bears and other species in a crucial linkage habitat west of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem in Montana.   The project managers expect this outcome to generate much broader conservation gains in two ways: first, grizzly re-colonization of the Gravellies will be a major step toward reconnecting Yellowstone with other wildland ecosystems. 

Ennis lies in the heart of the Madison Valley and is a good base camp for exploration in the Gravelly Range, Madison Range and the Tobacco Roots.  The small, authentic western town of Ennis is often described as having a population of 1000 people and 10,000 trout.  All of which means 'blue ribbon' fly fishing on some of America's top-rated trout streams, rivers and lakes.

Areas included on the Map MosaicWall Creek State Wildlife Management Area, Madison River, Cameron, Sheridan, Ennis, Twin Bridges, Indian Creek, Cameron Bench, Axolotl Lake, Blue Lake, Alder, Alder Gulch, Hungry Hollow, Virginia City, Ruby River, Ruby River Reservoir, Garden Creek, Beaverhead National Forest, Norwegian Creek, Placer Gulch, Cherry Creek, Finnegan Ridge, Newell Basin, Gallatin National Forest, Spanish Peaks, Little Sister Lake, Falls Creek Lake, Jerome Rock Lake, Marcheta Lakes, Upper Falls Creek Lake, Spanish Lakes, Behive Lake, Beehive Basin, Big Sky Mountain Village, Lone Peak, Cedar Mountain, Cedar Lake, Lake Cameron, Sphinx Mountain, Circle Mountain, Sawtooth Ridge, Taylor Peaks, The Wedge, Finger Mountain, Earthquake Lake, Cliff Lake, Wade Lake.

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